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“Culinary One Night Stand”

29 Nov


There is a Museum and it exists not on a street corner of some major city but within the span of 56:41 minutes recently released by Brian Rudy + the Architects.  This past Tuesday, Hugh’s Room offered the rare opportunity to sit close to the artist and absorb an album that was over a decade in the waiting. Rudy was amazing with his unusual acoustic guitar playing that draws upon a spirit of recycling and leaves nothing to waste.  He uses the neck of the guitar to reprocess sounds that most other musicians abandon to rot in the open garbage pit of guitar playing.  The Architects were also able to capitalize on the musical angles by filling in with amazing tones and talent that touched on the Celtic.  Candide and Museum are already on the faves list while Dining Alone is a nugget for its lyrical contribution of a “culinary one night stand.” Loved it!  Previous tunes from the acclaimed Divided Man also returned. Be sure to have a listen to the Museum as it dabbles with the concept album and brings with it echoes of Pink Floyd and Nick Drake.  The evening combined for something special and here’s hoping Rudy will complete the shrimp recipe for the Starving Musicians Kitchen!

-Guest Blogger

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